Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski

I am interested in the phenomenon of perception in virtual sensitive worlds in relation to the real world. How artificial realities can influence our behaviours and attitudes in the real world? The inexplicit aspect of experience does powerfully impress thoughts, memories and imagination and contribute to our vision of the world. “Aquatic” is an interactive installation involving the participant’s whole body. By creating an interaction that recalls material experiences of the element water from early childhood, I try to stimulate the participant’s creativity through what Gaston Bachelard names material imagination. Does “Aquatic” enhance the participant to be creative in his movements or in elaborating new features in his vision of the world?

Description of the work

This piece is meant for a public place in an urban surrounding, where a flow of people accompanied with children or friends brings potential participants and viewers ready to spent some time within the installation. “Aquatic” follows participant’s position in the space and his or her movement dynamism as an important factor in movement. The system’s answers to these movements take the form of audio material and light effects referring to the sea and to water streams. The sounds were recorded in the Finnish peaceful nature. I used the VNS-system combined to MAX-MSP to design this interaction. I will pursue this work wishing to find out a way toward a more adaptative system in order to add meaningful correlations between the movement dynamism and the responses. Naturally I wish to treat the other basic elements in further works.

© Decoster-Taivalkoski