Code Red
Miikka Poutiainen

"There are those who say that life is an illusion and that reality is simply a figment of the imagination.'"
- Charles Gray from The Rocky Horror Picture Show


By using interactive elements the installation is examining the ”truths” or "thoughts" of the ontological existence through the mental images of the fictional and artificial reality e.g. movies. By bodily interaction with the work user can be physically part of the artificial reality. Sufficient physical training will help to crack the code of the further understanding.

In the installation I'll try to create alternative ways to use computer and technological resources for the benefit of creative expression and captivating atmosphere. I allso examine the sensitive borderline of the different realities.

You can interact with the work with the full capacity of your body even without a physical contact to anything. A user can have the feeling of enlightenment, success, be surprised or feel disappointment while carrying on "acrobatic" movements in front of the work. What ever the mental awarenes will be when interacting with the work, flowing sweat will be guaranteed.

The work itself is absurd and its style is surrealistic - entity that would be comprehended in a ”dreamworld”. In the work the user interacts with a mysterious golden egg. The floating egg feels you and it seems to be a living organism of which heart beat is possible to feel and hear. Video projector displays the movie onto a big silver screen and a VNS motion tracking system recognises the movements of the user's body. Interaction is programmed with the help of MAX-MSP program.

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As an artist I usually try to see objects that I am dealing with from different angles and in the way that could reveal something interesting or uncovering from their own secret nature. Small things may reveal something big and give the best vibrations. In my works I pay attention to visuality. However, the most interesting things to work with are the atmosphere and the feelings that the work creates. This is true both in interactive multimedia and purely visual contexts. Subconscious elements and the border between a real and a surreal expression interests me too. And nothing else is better than a small amount of irony both towards the expression and your own actions. Whenever you manage to create it.

"Sense of humour - capability to see all three sides of the coin"

- Ned Rorem

Helsinki, May 2003

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