The Game
How to play
Online Demo


Use the keys described below to move around in the game. Use the mouse to navigate through the main menu.

<LEFT>  Move left
<RIGHT> Move right
<UP>    Jump
<DOWN>  Pick up / Drop
<SPACE> Kick / Throw / Skip cutscenes
<G>     Get snow from the tortured snowmen
<Q>     Quit to main menu

Tips & Tricks

  • Keep pushing the <UP> key down to jump higher. Jump while you’re running to leap farther.
  • Avoid all the hot stuff, it makes you melt, and eventually die.
  • Try using your head as a weapon – kick or throw it at monsters and obstacles.
  • Your head is not the only object you can kick or pick up – experiment!
  • Try to reach the gate that is located on the far end of each level. But don't forget your head!
  • To get snow into your body as well as your head, hit <G> while jumping over a tortured snowman.
  • If you get stuck, pay attention to Vergilius (the guy hanging around inside your head) – he sometimes has an idea on how to get forward.