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All programs mentioned below are either fully working freeware programs or free versions of shareware programs with some missing features. Even those programs are fully working though, there are no programs where essential features (such as saving) are disabled. Some of the programs are beta versions, and they may not be entirely stable. The files are mostly computer graphics related, but there are also some miscellaneous utilities.

The list contains the name of the program and a link to the home page of the program. There may also be optional download link if the program is not available for download on the home page or home page is unavailable. Programs marked with bold are the ones I have found useful.

If some of the links refuses to work, please report it to me! Also if you know any programs that should be here but are not for some reason, do the same.

3D 3d programs
3DC A program for converting 3d formats.
Alice A program for creating interactive 3d worlds. Includes programs Teddy2 and AlicePaint3d, which are easy-to-use modeling programs. Programs require upgraded Java runtimes.
Anim8or A simple 3d modeling and animation program.
Blender A large and comprehensive freeware 3d program, recommended!
bCAD A DOS based CAD and 3d program. Fluent with 3D Studio 4 files. (The site contains newer evaluation version, the old program is available at
download v.2.0 for DOS from
download stand alone renderer "bren" from
Cult3d A program for creating interactive 3d scenes for Web. (Proprietary format, not VRML)
DesignWorkshop Lite A simple CAD program, suitable for designing mechanical objects.
DOGA-L1 An easy program suitable for beginners and learning 3d. Space ships, robots etc. can be modelled from ready-made blocks.
DOGA-L2 Next lesson of DOGA, contains animation etc. Shareware.
Font3D A program for converting text to 3d objects.
hamaPatch A program for spline editing.
LODestar A program for simplifying 3d objects.
Mapping Magician A program for placing texture maps.
PhotoModeler A program for building textured 3d objects from photographs. Download Photomodeler Lite from ZDNet.
POV-Ray A ray-tracing program, slow at rendering and hard to learn, but has lots of features, is free and renders marvellous pictures. There are also several modeling packages for POV-Ray, such as BreezeDesigner, Moray (30 day shareware) and PovLab (DOS).
ProgMesh A program for simplifying 3d objects. Download link.
SoftCAD3d Quite comprehensive CAD and modeling program.
sPatch A program for spline editing. Includes export for instance for POV-Ray and TreeDesigner. Download link.
Strata3d A full-featured 3d program with professional quality. Program has been quite popular on Macintosh platform.
TreeDesigner A program for plant modeling. 30 day shareware.
trueSpace 1.0 A full-featured but old 3d program. Download from PCPlus Online
UVMapper A program for placing texture maps.
Winplace Rather technically oriented 2D/3D CAD program.
Animation Animation programs
Avi2mpg A program for converting AVI files to MPEG files.
GIF Animator Lite A program for generating GIF-animations. Download link.
Bmp2Avi A program for composing an AVI animation from BMP files. Versions for DOS and Windows.
VidEdit Video for Windows 1.1, contains tools for AVI editing.
WinMorph A morphing program.
Zwei-Stein A video editing program, freeware version limited to 320x240 15 fps RealVideo.
Fractals Fractal etc. programs
Fractal Explorer A program for viewing fractals, also 3d fractals.
L-system L-systems are mathematical entities similar to fractals. They can be used for producing organic shapes. Program can save the shapes into 3d files.
Multimedia Programs for creating multimedia presentations
FormulaGraphics A program for creating multimedia presentations.
Paint Paint and image processing programs
Cartoon-O-Matic A funny program for creating comic faces.
CVip Scientific image processing program.
Gimp A comprehensive paint and image processing program of professional quality, originally for Linux. Windows Gimp is a developer-version and may crash.
Harm'sTile99 A program for creating textures.
ImageForge Small and easy paint program, supports also animation.
Reptile A program for creating textures.
Satori PhotoXL A resolution-independent paint program, it is some kind of a mixture of a paint and a vector program.
VicMan's Photo Editor A simple program for photo-editing.
Space Programs related to space
Home Planet A home planetarium with a database of hundreds of thousands of heavenly bodies. Suitable also for people seriously interested in astronomy.
Universe A program for creating space scenes.
Terrain modeling Programs for landscape generation
GenesisII A comprehensive program for landscape generation and map editing.
Terragen A landscape generator with less features but excellent image quality.
Wilbur A comprehensive program for elevation map generating and editing. Recommended!
Utilities Miscellaneous utilities and upgrades
Acrobat Adobe acrobat reader, a program for viewing and printing PDF files.
bls View A program for viewing bitmap images.
DirectX Microsoft DirectX.
Expander Aladdin Expander can decompress most popular packed file formats (zip, gzip, arc, arj etc.)
GhostScript A program for viewing and printing PostScript (.ps) files.
Java Upgrade for java virtual machine.
Lha TinyLha, extracts lha-packed files. Download link.
WordViewer Microsoft Word 97/2000 Viewer - a program for viewing doc-files.
SmartFTP FTP-program for file transfers in the Internet.
Vector 2D vector graphics programs
CadStd A small 2D CAD program.
KyPlot A program for data analysis and graphs, also basic drawing operations are supported.
PageDraw A basic 2D vector drawing program. 
WWW Programs for web page creation
Arachnophilia An HTML-editor, requires knowledge of HTML.
Netscape Netscape Communicator 4.78. WWW-browser, e-mail and web page editing.
Manuals Manuals of HTML, Dynamic HTML, JavaScript etc. on Netscape site.
Misc Miscellaneous programs
StarOffice A comprehensive office suite including word processing, spread sheet, e-mail etc. Compatible with Microsoft Office.
NoteTab Light A program for text file editing, replaces Windows Notepad.
Eudora Light An e-mail program.
Java 2 Java programming language.
Cdex A program for recording music from CD into WAV and MP3 files.
Buzz A software synth and tracker. Very flexible and interesting tool for creating digital music.
More free programs Internet links
CompletelyFreeSoftware Only completely free software. A comprehensive directory of freeware programs, but also shareware titles available. Big shareware directory. Lots of graphics links on the POV-Ray link area. Big shareware directory.
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