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Leena Saarinen : curriculm vitae


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Notable Projects 

Accidental Lovers (Sydän kierroksella, Crucible Studio, Finland. 2006) is an interactive, dark musical TV-comedy.  It premiered on the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE TV1 as a mini series of 4 episodes on each Wednesday and Friday evening between Dec. 27, 2006 – Jan. 5, 2007. Altogether 12 different love stories were created, based on the mobile text messages that the audience sent during the shows. I invented the concept together with Mika Tuomola. In the production I worked as a scriptwriter & concept developer, I participated in creating technical requirements for the broadcast engine and productions tools.  Accidental Lovers is a pioneering work in the development of interactive storytelling genres. Having done it, I have got unique knowledge of cross-platform mobile entertainment and interactive content for Television.  During the production I also gained experience of large EC funded projects – international collaboration in R&D, and EC research reporting. 

I am a performer (mostly remote), co-writer, co-designer and programmer of Avatar Body Collision, a collaborative globally dispersed virtual performance group. I am a founding member form 2002 to 2007. In most of ABC’s work, three actors perform online, live, in real time, while one actor performs in the proximal space of the hosting venue. The remote performers appear projected on a screen, using web cameras and avatar world technologies. We have also developed UpStage, an open source performance platform.

Past events include following plays and performances:

Web Design. Since late 90's I have been involved in the design and implementation of several different types of webpages, wherein my role has varied from concept development and scriptwriting to graphical design and programming. These pages include:


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